Lego Crown Graphic Prototype

 Lego "Ideas" are sets that are created by non-Lego employees, which I just recently found out.  Being a life-long Lego fan (mostly space Legos) I wanted to give it a shot, and I went with a 4x5 view camera since I loved doing 4x5 photography for so many years.  I based the prototype off of my camera, so it's to exact scale as can be seen in the photos.  An employee at the Lego store at the Mall of America by us said that the 4x5 camera was a good idea for the Lego Ideas as most people try to submit D/SLRs.  We'll see what happens.  Next I need to order the correct color parts to make a color-correct prototype and count the pieces, etc., to then submit to Lego Ideas.  

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