Homestead Hospice Home Closed (Owatonna) 8.23.2023

 Homestead Hospice Home is a hospice home in Owatonna, MN, which served the Owatonna area for 18 years, staffed by Allina Hospice.  Sadly, Allina will no longer be staffing HHH as of 8.21.2023 due to low census.  There are no words to describe the experiences had in these eight rooms over the past 18 years, but they are special rooms which hosted many holy and sacred moments.  These photos were taken on 8.23.2023 after a ceremony honoring the staff who served at HHH.  There is hope that the HHH will re-open with a new agency.

AS (When we see too much)

As with any post that relates to my hospice work - in order to not get anywhere close to violating HIPPA - I keep information about patient-related art to a bare minimum.  This self portrait is a reaction to a very difficult patient situation, with the tubes representing the visuals that go into our eyes. 

All the tubing used here was picked up personally after patients passed away to help families dispose of unneeded extra supplies.  As even sealed tubing cannot be given to another patient, I used some of this tubing to create this portrait.  I have since (through one of the other hospice chaplains I work with) found a place in Minneapolis/St.Paul called Mano a Mano that takes these kinds of supplies as donations and send them around the world.   

E's Memorial Tree, 6.5" Tall


New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital Perinatal Bereavement Tree #2 - Amara's Tree (24" Tall)

Amara's Tree is dedicated to the memory of Amara Strande who passed away in Woodbury, MN, and will be the second of my Bereavement Tree sculptures which are used in various services at New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  

Please take some time to read about Amara and some of the amazing things she was involved in here, here, and here.  A Google Search for Amara will produce many more results.  Amara was a musician, artist, activist, daughter, sister, and friend, who packed an entire lifetime into 20 way too short years.  I believe she will continue to create great things in the Kingdom of Heaven.