Allina Hospice Memorial Trees - aluminum wire and glass leaves, approx. 3.5 feet high each

These trees were commissioned by the Allina Hospice Foundation as a way to memorialize all the patients who pass away in the Allina Hospice program.  The idea was conceived by Chaplain Steven Robertson and approved for funding by the Allina Hospice Foundation.

The trees will memorialize all of the hospice patients who pass away by placing the number of leaves on the tree of each season to match the number of hospice patients who have passed away that season.  The leaves will hang on the tree for a year, then when that season comes again we will send out new leaves to the the families of those patients which match the tree of the season that their loved one passed away during.  The first tree that will contain leaves will be the winter tree, which will have 667 leaves made out of white, blue, and clear glass from patients who passed away during the winter of 2019-2020.  The 'overview' photo with leaves will be updated by season as it will be a full year before all four trees have their first round of leaves on them.

The trees are installed at the Allina Hospice and Home Health office at 1055 Westgate Drive STE 100 in St. Paul, MN.  Due to infection prevention concerns due to SARS-CoV-2 the office is currently closed, but once the state is no longer shut down the area that the trees are installed in will be open to public access.

Each tree contains 600 53" 15 gauge aluminum wires, which is approx. a half mile of wire each tree.  Additionally, the seasons are marked by 7 colored wire bands in the trees - green for summer, gold for fall, blue for winter, and light pink for spring.  Around these colored wire wraps are twists of three 26' foot wires which bind the trunks together  The leaves represent the patients, the branches and wires within the trunks represent the patients' families, and the colored wire bands and wraps around the trunks and into the branches are meant to represent the hospice team doing their best to bind together the hospice families and their patients during difficult times.

The leaves are being created by brilliant hot-glass artist Alli Luhmann (

Overview photos.  These photos will be updated as the leaves are added.

Summer Tree

Fall Tree
(Note - the fall tree was the final tree to be completed.  The red wire is both my signature and indicates the last three wires to be twisted together during the first part of the tree creation - cutting and twisting wires into groups of three.  The small blue wire at the top of the tree indicates the last loop to be made at the end of the branches - loop number 2400.) 

Winter Tree

Spring Tree