שמות: Framed: 8" x 18" - Completed 2.27.2011

שמות is the name of the Book of Exodus in the Hebrew Bible.  The drawing addresses both the proper name of God in the Tanakh (large characters and in small characters on the third panel from the right) and the Tabernacle in the wildnerness as descibed in Exodus 15:22ff (note the outline of the Tabernacle's divisions in thin blue text). 

Psalm 88:15 - 8" x 40" - Completed 2.11.2011

The primary text in this ink drawing is Psalm 88:15 - "Why, O Lord, do You reject me, do You hide Your face from me?" (NJPS).  The drawing is composed of ten 3.5" x 5.25" that were initially held together with linen tape during the creation of the drawing (photo below).