Life #3 Progress: 1.18.10

This is a recent 'overall' shot of the three drawings.

Daily Photos: January 17th, 2010

Queensboro Plaza: Long Island City, Queens

Photography: Rain Photos - G11 in Waterproof Housing, 1.17.10

I recently purchased Canon's WP-DC34 waterproof housing for my Canon G11: mostly because I wanted to be able to take photos at night in the rain and get all the streetlights, headlights, and business sign lights reflecting off of the wet roads and sidewalks.  This is from my first round of rain photos: the dots of color that you see in the photos are water droplets on the case in front of where the lens looks through.  I think that in some of the instances it makes the photos look like something by Cézanne (particularly the last one) - in the future I'd like to try and work more with water on the lens cover and see what I can do.