Fearless Girl Sculpture - lower Manhattan: 4.26.2017

I was surprised that I reacted as emotionally as I did to the Fearless Girl sculpture when I saw her in person. I loved the importance of the message right away and its importance to all women and men, but when stopping by to see her I was moved by the amazing nuance in her determined and resilient face to the point that I choked up a bit when I think of the evil that happens to so many women of all ages. Her little bronze face so clearly says, "Despite...I will." 

As with all art - especially great art - there of course is controversy.  That's not a bad thing as it raises more awareness and brings issues front and center.  For myself, I see the Fearless Girl as a symbol of the importance of feminism - which I say both as an artist and as a father of a young girl: a young girl who I see the same strength and resolve in, and one who I will encourage as best as I can to stand her ground and not let anything stand in her way.

My hats off to the fearless girl, and Kristen Visbal for sculpting her. I love art but am rarely genuinely moved by it.