01001001 (8/2020)


The great I

Both Masked and Unmasked Once the Same the Same the 01001001

Cry the Scream the Silence Complicit 01001001 see the I in me and in I

01001001 See you but Pretend not

Flow the See the Time starts now and turn me away to 01001001


Unmasked and Masked I see the Pretend the Face I cannot see

01001001 see so more clearly


The great I

Through Fingers barren the freedom of I The Rights of I the obsession of I

Not the me who you through trust I

but me - recognize Me through your eye


Run the time through Fear of you

Disguised as the glorification of 01001001

Touch from Afar but far from touch

Disconnected through I of 01001001

I walk away from the You that is not Me

Masked yet Unmasked 01001001


The photo is a reflection on how in the time of SARS-CoV-2, though many people are masked both literally and/or metaphorically through being hidden behind a computer, tablet, or phone screen, people have become a lot more vocal about their beliefs.  But without face to face communication much is lost in translation and much misunderstanding is perpetuated (I'm part of this problem just like everyone else).  

The "I" in a negative sense emerges - a disturbing trend of people focusing more on themselves than on others, perpetuated often times through electronic communication which serves to both advocate beliefs that can be harmful, and as a way to rally people to commit harmful acts.  This has been intensified by the murder of George Floyd and other people of color in a time that already has significant social challenge.  This photo is black and white as a reminder of how important discussions of race are right now, and how important it is to be anti-racist to the absolute best of our abilities.

01001001 is the binary code for capital I - in the brief reflection/poem above the number 01001001 should be read as "I."  This is the number stamped on my hands as well, as the electronic communication that can fuel both good and evil is generally entered by hand (or thumbs).  My phone is in my hands as a placeholder for the phones, tablets, and computers we communicate with.

Mask from Diop, a black-owned business based out of Detroit