Life #3 - Thoughts

Although the triptych Life #3 is technically the third in my series of "Life" drawings, it really stands quite a bit apart from the other two. Life #1, as seen at the very bottom of the Life Series started as nothing more than a doodle and eventually turned into a basically a religious commentary. Certainly real elements of my own life were involved in the drawing, but as the drawing went on my personal thoughts and experiences became less and less important and I didn't feel much personal connection to the drawing even though I liked the end result.

Life #2 (second entry from the bottom) was never finished, although it had much more of a personal basis than did Life #1. Much of the 'fill text' (small text in-between the pictorial elements of the drawing that is really not meant to be read) is simply my personal journal that I was required to do for my Spiritual and Personal Formation class at Bethel Seminary - since we didn't have to hand it in I mixed it right into the drawing. Despite the fact that I did some personal investment in the drawing I lost interest in it and it's still sitting in storage back in Wisconsin - I have no plans to finish it.

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