Daily Photos Introduction - the Canon S90 "Failure"

Recently I've really wanted to start a more continuous flow of photographs from simple daily life.  One of the reasons for this is that there's been several legit photography books and blogs/websites published lately that have been exclusively iPhone photos, or on another website all Motorola cell phone photos.  I find the colors on my BlackBerry's phone to be intolerably dull, so I wanted some other small camera that I could easily have on my person at all times.  I read some raving reviews of the Canon S90 before it was even released, and decided to go for it.  Unfortunately it sold out from B&H the day that it came into stock, but I was able to get one at Calumet Photo near the Flatiron building early the next morning - it was already their last one.  I carried it around for a day or to but decided to take it back...

The camera itself was amazing: it felt great, was obviously built very well, had all the functionality of a full DSLR as far a control, and it was all black: I felt like I couldn't lose.

Unfortunately, once I looked at the actual image quality I decided to return the camera.  Honestly there was nothing wrong with the images - in fact the image quality was excellent (for a compact camera this one has a large sensor, but it's still only about 1/4th the size of a full-frame DSLR).  There was just a feel about them though that didn't quite sit right with me: it wasn't the look I was going for - that's why I knew I had to take it back (even though I'd still HIGHLY recommend it as a compact point-and-shoot).

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