Reconciliation Tree: Approx 3' Tall - Carbon steel rebar wire, aluminum wire, copper wire, wax, September 2019

The roots of the tree which combine the types of wire are meant to represent diversity in our roots as human and our common ancestry, the trunk of the tree which has the types of wire separate symbolizes the recognition that racism has severely divided humanity, and the branches were the types of wire again intermingle symbolize the goal of reconciliation through the redeeming blood of Jesus, represented by the red wax poured over the tree.  The red wire running in the center of the tree from top to bottom represent the thread of God's presence. 

Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn - just after midnight, 8/13/2019

17th Street between 6th and 7th Ave in Brooklyn, two blocks away from where I lived for 8 years, has small sections of bike and walking paths that I've found absolutely magical - I'm not sure why, but the feeling is quite powerful.  These photos attempted to capture some of the feeling of the area. 

Lighting Over St. Paul, 7.1.2019

There are some unfortunate rain drops on the lens in some of these photos as it was pouring rain the entire time that I was taking the photos. 

Ärta’s Tree: Perinatal Bereavement Tree Sculpture for New York Methodist Hospital - Brooklyn, NY. 27" Tall, with 32 Candle Holders - finished 4.14.2019.

This tree sculpture will be used in perinatal bereavement services at New York Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn, NY.  Parents who have had a fetal demise will be able to light a candle to be placed on the tree during the service. 

St Paul Mississippi River Flooding 4.7.2019