Misconceptions of Chaplaincy - Illustrated! October 2016

I'm a chaplain (in hospice), and along with the other chaplains in my department I find it can be very difficult to define my role - a role which many people have preconceived (and incorrect) notions about.  As part of our Spiritual Care Month company-wide emails about spiritual care, I drew the following comics to help illustrate some misconceptions about chaplaincy, and then corrected those misconceptions in the captions below.  I drew the comics and co-wrote the captions with two of the other chaplains in my department, Chaplains Mae Wall and Deadra Moore.

They are of course meant to be humorous, but also to provide education about the role of chaplaincy.  Enjoy!

Tree #68 - Fire Tree: Approx. 14" Tall

This tree was created for an individual who lost their house to a fire.  The tree is meant to invoke the burning bush in Exodus 3 of the Tanakh, with the idea being that God is there even in the fire.