ST37 - 8' Tall (including length of the roots): Documentation and Detail Photos

ST37 was commissioned by a private art collector for their Park Ave penthouse's terrace, where it's permanently installed: the primary view is through the library from the window.  The tree is made out of more than a mile of wire: a combination of 16 gauge carbon steel rebar wire, various gauges of copper wire, and one red wire.  When completed, the tree was sprayed with a patine coating to age it.  To see a book about the making of the tree, follow this link.

Photo Credit: DESIGN6K

With my permission, the collector asked if it would be okay if they did some working with the branches after I finished, which I said would be just fine.  The below photos show the final shape of the tree:
Photo Credit: DESIGN6K

Photo Credit: DESIGN6K
Photo credit: DESIGN6K

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  1. Very cool - I can only imagine the size of that. Did you deliver via the subway?! ;-)