Life #3 (66" x 30") In Progress - Overview Shot: February 15th, 2010

I reached a huge milestone in this drawing yesterday by completing the second drawing in the triptych.  I've had my hand on the second drawing for nearly as long as I've been working on the drawing.  The Aaronic Blessing, in Hebrew in the upper left hand corner of drawing #2 was drawn/written in very early on in the work.  I added the Hebrew text and the English text around it in April of 2009, only three months after starting the drawing and before I started the scene of the Thames in London on the bottom of Drawing #1.  This is the first overview shot that I've done with the now completed drawing #2 - I will post some details soon.  It's intentionally difficult to see where the drawing borders are: the first drawing ends right in the middle of the large black and red candle between the large 'L' and 'i' of the world 'Life,' and the second drawing ends right about in the middel of the large 'e': if you look at the top of the drawing you can see the break in the heavy red ink.